Our services


  • 1. On the ground
  • 2. In our cellars

Through programs such as VMI (Vendor Inventory Manager) and the support of our transport team, we made a schedule according to your demand with direct deliveries in a controlled plant and backup inventory in our warehouse.

Project management

  • Reengineering packaging , cost reduction
  • Reengineering logistics operation and optimization of the supply chain
  • Graphic design for packaging
  • Research and development of new products
  • Development projects from three days
  • Delivery dates of samples from three days print cards.

Packaging and Logistics

  • Advisories packaging and packaging to our customers
  • Flexibility download times
  • Deliveries according to customer priorities production
  • 100% compliance to the requirements
  • Delivery of material 100 % reliable


CISSA Corrugados has a department of quality and design focused on continuous improvement and to meet the needs of our customers through:

  • Quality Certificates for each delivery
  • Rejections 0.001% lower in total deliveries

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